Current Investments

The strategy of Akula Energy Ventures is to invest in and partner with innovative energy companies that have the potential to develop multiple projects. Our focus on a multiple project strategy ensures the existence of future growth opportunities and the use of economies of scale. We provide project entities with the necessary capital and guidance to successfully execute development of their projects, and we work closely with management teams of portfolio companies to develop clear execution milestones to ensure project success.

Amergin Energy

Akula Energy Ventures invested in Amergin Energy (, a global company that develops integrated, grid-scale battery energy storage systems (“BESS”). Akula Energy Ventures sold its stake in two 20 MW (40 MW) battery storage portfolio that will provide Ancillary (Frequency Regulation) Services in the PJM territory to Viridity Energy Solutions, Inc in early 2018. Akula Energy Ventures was the key developer in the projects and will retain an economic interest in both projects


Spectrum Renewable Energy

Akula Energy Ventures has invested in Spectrum Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd (SREL) (, an India-based biogas company that develops innovative solutions for the biogas sector. SREL currently owns and operates a biogas plant using sugar cane waste (filtercake mud) from a sugar cooperative in the state of Maharashtra. The biogas is processed into compressed natural gas (Bio-CNG) and sold to local industrial customers as an LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) replacement. The digestate byproduct from the plant is processed into organic fertilizer and sold in the local commercial and agricultural markets.

Past Investments


TA High Desert

Akula Energy Ventures sold its stake in the TA High Desert (Antelope) project, a 20MW power generation facility in the Tehachapi area in California, in late 2012. The project is currently operational and is producing environmentally friendly solar-based power as of April 2013. Akula Energy Ventures, along with Tuusso Energy (, were the initial co-investors and co-developers of the Antelope project. (Link to Construction Photos)

Spectrum Coal & Power

Akula Energy Ventures was the initial investor and lead developer of Spectrum Coal & Power Limited in India. Spectrum Coal & Power owns and operates two coal preparation plants in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Akula Energy Ventures recently sold its ownership stake in Spectrum Coal & Power in late 2008 to its local partner in India and to its private equity investor Warburg Pincus.