About Us

Today, the development of renewable energy technologies and companies is occurring at an unprecedented pace. Climate change initiatives, supportive global policies, volatile fossil fuel prices and technological innovations have all played a key role in enabling the rapid growth of today’s green energy industry.

Akula Energy Ventures contributes to this rapid growth by investing in and forming strategic partnerships with innovative energy companies around the world. Since 2008, Akula Energy Ventures has used its expertise in the energy space to make early stage investments in the solar, biogas and battery energy storage sectors.

Akula Energy Ventures has over 15 years of experience in the energy sector and has been involved in the development of natural gas power plants and coal preparation plants in India. Akula Energy Ventures was founded in 1998 as the primary investor and developer for the first private sector coal preparation company in India. Since selling its stake in Spectrum Coal & Power Limited in India in 2008, Akula Energy Ventures has utilized its vast experience in the energy sector to form strategic partnerships with companies that are developing and implementing exciting and cutting-edge renewable energy projects.